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Pick up and delivery service

    We at the Union Station Shoe Shine realize that you may want to come get your shoes shined at our location but aren't always able to make it in to our shop. We understand that time is precious and that sometimes there just isn't enough time in a day to make the trip. This is why we have created a pick up and delivery system that can accommodate the busy professional in you.

    If you are located inside the Beltway, we can come and pick your shoes up and return them to you. This service requires at least a 2 pair minimum and we charge $20 a pair for our classic shoe shine.   

Here are the steps to get your classic shoe shine pick up and delivery service started...

  1. Click the "Order Pick-Up Service" button below
  2. Fill out the online intake form
  3. Click "Submit" on the page 
  4. Wait for an email or a call from us to schedule pick up date and time.